Simon Diulio

Young pupil of Aurora Papadopoulis


About 5’7" and wiry, Simon has tribal-style tattoos on both arms. He tries to project an aura of danger and dark knowledge, but he doesn’t quite pull it off.


Simon accompanied Aurora Papadopoulos to Archer, NE in search of whatever is creating the unnatural phenomena the town is experiencing. After learning of a sighting of the Mothman at the high school, Aurora sent Simon to investigate. He broke in but wasn’t quiet about it. He was picked up by the police in the auditorium, looking at the ash markings left behind by the creature.

The cop assumed he was the previous trespasser, but given the lack of proof and the fact that Simon didn’t actually cause any damage, the city prosecutor didn’t press charges, and he was released.

Simon eventually ran afoul of Jacob Standiford, who evidently took offense at Simon’s advances toward Hannah Kennedy. Jacob and his buddies from the football team beat him up as a warning to stay away. Detective Lane reported that had Jake not died in the collapse of the Nations Bank building, he might well have been killed or maimed by a vengeful Simon.

Simon Diulio

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