Unknown Armies


The Railbird Cafe

The path that led you here was a strange one. At times you swore you were mad, and at others it seemed certain that it was the rest of the world that was off its rocker. You have followed rumors, and rumors of rumors, to finally arrive at a place where, you hope, all questions will be answered.

The Railbird Cafe isn’t the sort of place you expected to find yourself, but every lead pointed you in this direction. Now you’re sitting at the lunch counter surrounded by people who have that same haunted look in their eyes that you see in the mirror.

And they begin to tell their stories…

You are a normal person entering an abnormal world. You understand that there are strange things out there, and great secrets to explore, but you know little more about those hidden lands than any ordinary person on the street. You do have one advantage over another ordinary person: You’ve experienced a trigger event.
This is something in your life that has opened your eyes to the existence of the occult underground. You have been touched by the unnatural.
To prepare for the campaign, come up with your trigger event. You don’t have to know anything else about yourself at this point. Just make up a strange experience and go from there. The GM can help you with this by asking questions to help flesh the event out. The other players can do this as well.
Please use the Forum thread Trigger Events to develop your trigger event, and when you’re satisfied with it, post it as a comment on this article. When the trigger events are all in we’ll move on to the next step of character development.



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